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We are a global supplier of indoor play and activities. We are proud of our amazing lists of products that fits perfect for businesses such as shopping malls, gyms, airports, restaurants, FECs, sportsarenas, bars, hotels and resorts etc.


We love all types of sports and fitness, and we can offer a huge range our modern and top quality technology, high quality equipments and products.


Operations and hospitality have never been more important in order to increase sales and costumer loyalty.

Design & Theming

Looking for a supplier that can draw, support and install your FEC-project? We are able to customize products, concepts and solutions to fit your venue, goals and dreams.

Entertainment For All

We have built Family Entertainments Centers since the 80s, and we are constantly expanding our products and improving our quality
in order to meet our customers requirements.

Popular products

We deliver top quality activities, sports and entertainment products for more or less all ages. Together with our experience, knowledge and competitive pricing we will make the job easier, better and cheaper if you chose us!

Our core values

Experience and knowledge

Our 40 years experience in building, drawing and working close to different types of sports, entertainment and activities makes us confident in supporting your company in the whole process from you have the idea, to how you should utilize the location, to make 2D and 3D drawings, the installation and after-sale service process. Every customer and projects we are working on is a future partner and important reference for us, which puts lots of responsibility on us to deliver according to our customers expectations and requirements.

Top-quality products

Quality in everything we do is crucial for you to be a satisfied customer. It's not just the products you buy that will make you successful. Starting up a new business will require hight stardard in everything we do from communication, preparations, brainstorming-activities, production, service and installation etc. All these phases will reduce all kinds of problems and after-service issues that will occur in all projects. Higher quality will also make it possible to increase your price and extend the lifetime of each investment.

Customer service

Customer service for us is something that starts from our first conversation. We are the supplier and we are the part that shall serve you as a customer. Our responsibility will require quick response, availability and the fact the we offer high quality products, follow up guarantees and services like agreed on through our contract.

Full Service Supplier

We are a global full service supplier! This means that we can support you from you have an idea, to help you to find the right location, come up with activities, sport and entertainment that fits your budget and requirements, installation and then offer after-service when your business is up and running. A full service supplier will also make it more cost and time effective for you. We have already negotiated the best prices with our top quality partners, and the more you use our products and skills the more time you have tofocus on your staff and customers.

4 Steps to success


A good plan makes the next steps better, cheaper and more effective


Crucial for a successful and longterm partnership


Its really happening! It is time to start the hard work.


Start-up-time, and we´re here to help.
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Happy clients

We have build hundres of different types of FEC-projects throughout the years. This includes everything from smaller projects
to contracts with bigger global companies, to a being a full service supplier for bigger FECs.

We cover your entertainment needs

Our huge range of products makes us unique in the global FEC - industry. We have products that matches most of the indoor trends, sports and activities.
The totalt experience also include nice design, a well developed theme, food, drinks and relaxing area.

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