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About FEC Concepts

We always strive to serve and deliver top quality service and trendy products for our customers.

Building happiness since 1981

Our 40 years experience in building, drawing and working close to different types of activities, FECs and fitness industry makes us confident in the process of support you in the whole process from you have an idea, to how you should utilize the location, to make 2D and 3D drawings, the installation and after-sale service process. We see every customer and projects as a future partner and reference, which put lots of pressure and responsibility on us to deliver according to our customers expectations.

Our long experience by delivering in the fitness industry has made us understand customers need, the importance of logistics for the staff and customers. The logistics is for us as important as the design, and other aspects of starting up a new business since it will increase your effectiveness, reduce the amount of employees and make your total concept more understandable and effective for you customer. When we combine these expertices with our product range, we can more of less deliver everything you need to start up - like design, floor, furniture, restaurant/kitchen, bar, POS, bookingsystem and most of the most popular acitivties and sport out there.

As our customers become more demanding, we also have seen the value of increasing our products, competence within the company and also partner up with other companies so our customers always get the best products for the best price.

We are a Norwegian based company, but have delivered projects internationally since 90s.

In 2021 we renamed our international company and are not developing our new great homepage to reach out to new destinations and potential industries.

The FEC family

We are a family owned company that have been so lucky to attract so many different types of amazing employees. We are constantly looking for new types of skills and expertice in order to make our company stronger and better.

We love new challenges and can't wait to hear from you and your new amazing and unique opportunities and dreams. Our team are ready for you, so do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting, support or chat about your needs and wishes.

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We are very proud of our top quality products which also include most of the latest trend for all ages. What we do not deliver ourselves, we have researched
the market for top quality partners that will make the job easier and cheaper for you than by going directly to the same companies.